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FFXIV Macros

This is a repository of macros that I and my free company find useful on Final Fantasy XIV. The target audience is the less technical members of my free company (the Eorzean Explorer’s Society on Adamantoise), so you might find the explanation of the macros useful — but if you’re looking for a “how to write macros” page, this isn’t the right place.

To add macros, enter the system menu (the escape key will get you there if you have nothing selected), and then select “User Macros,” which will open the macro panel, and you should be able to edit macros there.

With that out of the way, here are the macros:

Target the Tank’s Target

/ta <2>
/ta <tt>

This macro targets player 2, and then targets your target’s target. Unless you’re the tank, the second player in your party list seems to always be the tank.

This is useful for most of the DPS classes, as you end up targeting the thing that your tank is giving the most attention to. Melee DPS (such as a Pugalist or Rogue) will use this unmodified. Other classes, who need to fill their emnity list, will adjust this by adding an action:

/ta <2>
/ta <tt>
/ac "Quick Nock"

This example is for an Archer. A Thamaturge, for example, might replace “Quick Nock” with “Fire II.”

As a tip: drag the action’s button into the macro panel to get the exact spelling of the name in the macro. Once it’s there, you’ll surround it with the quotes so that the macro will consume it properly. (Yeah, “consume” is a technical programmer term.)

Convalescence/Second Wind

/ac "Convalescence"
/wait 0.5
/ac "Second Wind"

This one’s for a Warrior (or any tank before level 30), but can be useful for anybody else while soloing. It boosts the return of Second Wind by linking it to Convalescence.

This macro fires off Convalescence, waits half a second, and then fires Second Wind. The “wait” command is necessary because you have to wait for the Convalescence animation to complete before the game will accept the Second Wind command.

I haven’t experimented to see if I can shorten that wait time, but it definitely needs to be non-zero.

Also, there are lot of various other connections you can make to boost results.


/ac "Convalescence"
/wait 1
/ac "Cure" <me>

This one’s only really useful for mid-level Gladiator, when casting cure on yourself might mean something. This boosts it to be useful for a little while longer. It’s useful to leave this one here, as “me” is the substitution that targets yourself.

Internal Release/Bloodbath

/ac "Internal Release"
/wait 0.5
/ac "Bloodbath"

This is the same concept as the previous one: boost the return of Bloodbath by linking it to Internal Release.

Fight or Flight/Bloodbath

/ac "Fight or Flight"
/wait 0.5
/ac "Bloodbath"

Yet another variant, this one aimed at Paladins.

Heal My Tank (or Chocobo)

This is a good one for healers, so you can do things other than heal, and still quickly shift back to fixing your tank.

/ac "Cure" <2>

This executes the action Cure on player 2. In a dungeon, that’s your tank. Above ground, it’ll be your chocobo if you’re soloing with your buddy.

Obviously, replace that with Physick if you’re doing some non-standard Arcanist thing. Previous visitors will notice that this macro has changed. This version is preferred because it doesn’t change your target, allowing you to remain targeted on an enemy.

Heal My Pet

Speaking of Arcanists, there’s a variant of this if you’re soloing and want to heal your pet:

/ac "Physick" <p>

The big difference here is using the “p” substitution for “pet” instead of the “2” substitution for “player 2.”

Sic that Target

This is a very simple macro for Arcanists, written so that I could get “sic” into my hot bar.

/pac "Sic" <t>

Note that “pac” is the shorthand for “pet action” which replaces “ac” in the other macros.

Swift Res

This is a classic. It pairs Swiftcast (from Thaumaturge) with Resurrection (or Raise, if you’re an Arcanist), and allows to you to immediately cast resurrection.

/macroicon "Resurrection"
/ac "Swiftcast"
/ac "Resurrection" <t>

The command “macroicon” uses the action’s icon as the macro’s icon.

Tank Marking

The tank picks the primary target, and fires off this macro, and it marks the primary target with the attack1 marker, and 1 to 2 other enemies with the other attack markers.

/mk "triangle" <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack2 <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack3 <t>
/target <triangle>
/mk attack1 <t>

This is probably the most complex macro we use, and it was written by somebody else. I mention this because I should add attribution when I get the chance, because it’s pretty slick.

Sleep and Mark

When the Thaumaturge sleeps an enemy, it’s not entirely obvious, especially if you’re looking at the enmity list, which doesn’t show status effects.

/macroicon "Sleep"
/party Sleeping <t> <se.11>
/marking "Target to Bind 1" <t>
/ac "Sleep" <t>

This macro announces to the party that you’re sleeping the target. The “se.11” substitution is a sound effect to get their attention. It then marks the target with bind1, which shows up in the enmity list and over the target. The macro then sleeps the enemy.

You can use this for any binding action, like Repose or Shadowbind. I use the bind2 mark for Repose, and bind3 for Shadowbind, so that we don’t lose the other markers.

Remembering to Activate a Class’s Set-up

There are a bunch of actions that don’t happen automatically when you switch classes. So I don’t have to keep track, I’ll put together a macro like this one, for Rogue:

/macroicon 15 gearset
/gearset change 15
/wait .5
/action "Kiss of the Viper" <me>

A couple of translations: “/macroicon 15 gearset” uses the icon for my 15th gearset. In my case, this is Rogue, but it’s probably a different spot in your Gear Set list. The next line changes your gearset to your 15th. Then it waits, and then throws on Kiss of the Viper. This might seem lazy for a single enhancement, but think about turning on all the gathering detectors.