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Chocolate, 1/8/15

Normally, I don’t mix “diabetes” posts with “chocolate” posts, as chocolate is usually safe. Today’s review is a mix, as the chocolate in question — more accurately, the dark-chocolate-flavored confection — impacts my blood sugar enough that I don’t really consider it safe.

Creamy Dark, from Milka. A “dark chocolate confection.” It would probably have gotten 3 stars had it been safe, as it’s a simple taste.


Gelato is basically high-end ice cream, and usually safe for Cranky Diabetic Boy. Unfortunately, the wave of artisan flavors means that sometimes safe-looking gelato isn’t. Experimentation at my favorite gelato place in Escondido (Escogelato):

  • Chocolate: safe.
  • Espresso: safe.
  • Ybarra Hot Cocoa: not.

Fudge from Bates’ Nut Farm

Some fudge is good for Cranky Diabetic Boy, and some fudge is not. Bates’ Nut Farm has tasty fudge, but they are not necessarily “safe” given the serving size I like. (Yeah, I know. “Serving size I like,” is real scientific.)

  • Maple Walnut: safe.
  • German Chocolate: spikes the blood sugar like crazy.
  • Pumpkin Pie: close to safe, but not really.

Strongbow Hard Cider

Very smooth, and tastes more like an unfermented cider. This is no surprise — the ingredients list juice from concentrate and HFCS. Sadly, it affects my blood sugar just like apple juice spiked with HFCS.

Bite of Boston

Bite of Boston is safe. Eating the following puts me at 135: a small North Ender, half a pack of chips, and half a pudding. Basically, this means I might get chips and no pudding if I’m by myself, and I definitely never get a large sandwich.

But I do get to eat there!

New diabetes category

Bad combinations:

Slice of toast and a plum for breakfast. (Should probably be half a plum.)

Krab salad (fake crab is starchy), corn chips, and Auntie Pasto’s chocolate gelato. Given the krab and the chips, I should have skipped dessert.

Baskin Robbins ice cream cake bites are too much cake and not enough ice cream.

Avoid the tempura-fried green tea ice cream at Umai. It might be safe, but not with sushi.