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Linkpost, 12/16/13

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

New Page added: the Rat Marines

I was asked to post up the Rat Marines, and went overboard and tried out a bunch of new-to-me WordPress tools. I added a gallery and a new page — you can click on that “Rat Marines” tab up above, or you can just hit this link.

Linkpost, 8/31/12

Linkposts, 8/29/12

File under “things you didn’t know were true”:

And now, a juxtaposition:

Pay special attention to the red, yellow, and green groups described in the second link. “Free Speech Zones” appear to be an attempt to separate the green groups from the yellow and red ones. If they work, they keep the law-abiding citizens from getting mistaken for the Black Bloc bad guys.

Linkpost, 8/27/12

I.33 Links

Destreza Links

I’ve added yet one more hobby. This one’s Western Martial Arts. (Destreza is the Spanish Art of Defense. I.E., fencing.)

Today’s Cover: Hawai’i Five-Oh

Today’s Cover, 10/17/2011

Lily comments at Hot Air:

So, on the one hand we have the party of slapping the food out of people’s hands because they are stupid and don’t know what to eat and on the other hand we have the party of presidential candidates who write epic songs about PIZZA!

The choice could not be more clear.

Choose wisely America.

And so we return to the days of Augustus