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New Page added: the Rat Marines

I was asked to post up the Rat Marines, and went overboard and tried out a bunch of new-to-me WordPress tools. I added a gallery and a new page — you can click on that “Rat Marines” tab up above, or you can just hit this link.

Atop Montecito Peak

Mark On Montecito Peak

Mark On Montecito Peak

I like this picture a lot. It may end up replacing my avatar pictures.

1st Pomeranians Complete

The guys on the left are the 1st East Prussians; the 1st Pomeranians are on the right.

The Prussians are slow going — there’s a lot of niggling details (notice the bands on the tops of their hats, for example), and I’ve got other projects interrupting. Next on the list are some Tau Orbital Platforms that I’m planning on using the next time I run a Starmada game, to be followed by some Cold Navy frigates.