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Arizona Ain’t Alone

For those of you who’ve been immersed in the whole military thing, you recognize the importance of the words “defense in depth”. In the immigration world, that means interior enforcement: U.S. not cracking down on immigrants with expired visas

Worse, when they do enforce it internally, weird stuff like this happens: Illegal immigrant’s 145G ‘deport gift’

I don’t think our representatives can survive in office much longer if they keep this up. This poll captures the mood: 87% Say English Should Be U.S. Official Language

Finally: AZ Governor Jan Brewer blasts critics, dispels law myths


  1. Matt says:

    ESPN must have something going on with Arizona, because just two days later (May 7th), this article was written:

    1. Mark says:

      What’s even cooler is that ESPN seems to have taken down the story that you linked to. The link goes nowhere, and JA Adande’s archive doesn’t seem to contain anything relevant on the 7th.