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Greece and You

Rep. Paul Ryan begins: EU contagion will spread to the US

Robert Samuelson asks the question: Depression 2010? His answer is that we’re dependent on China, India, and Brazil moving from export economies to consumption ones. Read the whole thing.

Things are so bad in Greece they’re given the opposite of the advice we got all winter: NYT Tells Greece to Abandon Socialized Medicine?

And if you think Greece is getting off lightly, Anne Applebaum describes the conditions attached to the EU/IMF bailout thusly: “This is the kind of thing a surrendering field marshal signs in a railway car in the forest at the end of a bloody war. ” Read the details: Time for Greece to play by the E.U.’s rules

Finally, there seems to be some troublesome things going on behind the scenes: Rater Haters Finally Find a Reason to Turn On Moody’s, and It’s a Bad Reason

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