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Finale of Realm Reborn

For those of you who know me, I will occasionally be struck by the urge to re-write things I’ve just seen or read or played. In this case, it’s the final run of cut scenes at the end of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. (As opposed to the following releases, Heavensward and Storm Blood.) In this case, the reason for my rewrite is that the writers got “Watch the NPCs” disease, and rendered your Action Hero a passive observer. Unsatisfying, so a more action-oriented version follows.

Instead of using a generic hero name, I’ll be using Fa Mulan (my actual avatar on Adamantoise). This is also a rough draft — it’s gone though maybe one edit.

It’s spoilertastic, solives beyond the cut:

Nanamo drinks the poison, and begins showing its effects. Mulan leaps up and rushes to the sultana’s side as she dies.

Tendaji Waledaji enters, leading a contingent of Brass Blades and accuses Mulan of poisoning Nanamo. Mulan shakes her head and tries to explain something.

“No more lies!” cries Waledaji. “Seize her!”

Mulan stands angrily, shakes her head, and enters battle stance.

The cut scene ends, and shifts to a duty. The objective: close (and lock) the door to the Sultana’s Chamber, and defeat the Brass Blades trapped inside. If Mulan defeats the Blades without closing the door, more rush in, in greater numbers until she’s overwhelmed.

But Mulan’s the hero, so that doesn’t happen.

Waledaji was smart enough to get out of the room and escape the carnage. He shouts from outside, “You’re trapped inside. Surrender now, and it’ll be easier for you!”

Mulan grimaces.

Thancred entertains a lass on a balcony overlooking Ul’dah. His link pearl beeps, and he excuses himself.

“Mulan,” he says, “to what do I owe the pleasure?”

He pauses, listening to the reply. “That’s unfortunate.”

Thancred glances around as he talks, seeing Brass Blades approach. “Papashan once told me that all the chambers had escape routes, to prevent being trapped. I’d look behind the fireplace.”

“Thancred! You stand accused of espionage!” shouts the Brass Blade’s leader.

“Pardon me, Mulan, but it’s my turn on the dance card. Good luck.”

Thancred releases his link pearl, and puts his hands on his knives.

“Gentlemen, this lies ill become us. You assassinated the Sultana, and you need someone to blame.”

Thancred leaps into battle.

Mulan looks around the room, and finds the fireplace. She takes the poker, and sweeps the fire aside, revealing a panel on its back wall. She pulls it aside, and crouches through it.

Alphinaud’s link pearl beeps, but he cannot answer. One of “his” Crystal Braves holds a sword on him.

Mulan moves through the passage. It’s lead her to the waterway under the city. She continues on.

Minfilia’s link pearl beeps, but she cannot answer. Waledaji has arrived at the party and announces, “Arrest the Scions! The Warrior of Light has poisoned the Sultana!” Crystal Braves and Brass Blades menace the Scions.

Raubahn cannot believe that the Sultana is dead. Waledaji assures him that it is so.

“But it cannot be Mulan!” Minfilia protests.

“No, it is not,” Raubahn agrees. “It must be that little man,” indicating Waledaji.

“I certainly had the motive,” Waledaji agrees. “But I can assure you I did not. She was more useful as a puppet.”

Raubahn is tired of listening to him, and decides to shut him up. Permanently.

“He has spilled blood in the Fragrant Chamber!” exclaims Lord Lolorito, drawing Raubahn’s attention.

The party-goers stampede out to the chamber.

As Raubahn moves to silence Lolorito, he’s intercepted by Ilbert.

Merlwyb moves to get involved, but her bodyguard suggests that she leave instead. As she and Kan-e-senna depart, Thancred appears next to Minfilia.

“His advice is good. We must away, as well,” he says.

“But…” she turns to watch Ilbert cut Raubahn’s arm off.

The Scions retreat from the Fragrant Chamber. Ilbert ignores them to taunt Raubahn.

Thancred and the Scions stop in the Chamber of Rule, a portcullis between them and the Aetheryte crystal.

“I had hoped that we could teleport outside the city, but it would appear I was anticipated,” he says.

Enemies move to cut off the Scions escape. “In more ways than one,” Y’shtola adds drily.

“We’ve been in worse spots,” Yda says cheerfully. “We can still fight our way out.”

The Scions roll into battle.

Ilbert taunts Raubahn with his weakness, and confesses that it was Ilbert who killed the sultana.

Raubahn resumes the fight one-handed.

The Scions haven’t moved very far. They’re surrounded by piles of dead, but are obviously winded.

Papalymo laments, “There’s no end to them.”

“There are too few Immortal Flames in the city to deter them,” Y’shtola explains.

Archers arrive, and shoot Thancred in the knee.

Minfilia enters a trance. “I hear the voice of Hydaelyn …”

Yda drags Thancred behind a pillar.

“We make our stand here,” Minfilia continues. “Mulan must escape.”

“Well then,” Papalymo looks to Y’shtola. “Shall we?”

The Scions combine their power.

Mulan staggers in the waterway as the earth shakes.

Cid’s flying the Enterprise. His link pearl rings.

“Mulan? Thank goodness I can contact someone.”

He listens.

“Alisaie caught wind of something, and I’m already on route. Can you meet me at Black Brush Station?”

The waterway exits behind the waterfall at the Sil’dih Excavation Site. Mulan runs up the ramp away from the ravine, and runs into a chocobo carriage driven by Bremondt, who waves her down.

“Word’s already spread of what’s happened,” he says. “Hide aboard, and I’ll get you out of here.”

Mulan objects.

“You’ve done so much for all of us. It’s the least I can do.”

Mulan climbs aboard, and watches as her enemies run in the other direction.

“I am always amazed at how the common people will go out of their way to help you,” is how Alphinaud greets Mulan at Black Brush Station.

Mulan shrugs and asks Alphinaud a question.

“I haven’t been able to contact anyone since he rescued me,” he replies, indicating Pippen.

Pippen introduces himself as Cid approaches.

“So where are we bound?” he asks.

End edit.



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