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    Labor Day Science Links

    While I’m doing the eight-hour brisket barbecue …

    Linkpost: 8/30/2010

    BP Vent

    I had mentioned that I was going to gripe about British Petroleum a bit more. It turns out that I did, but as a comment on another blog:

    Keep in mind that BP is the proverbial Bad Example. Theirs was the refinery in Texas City that burned down in 2005. Theirs was the pipeline in Alaska that leaked because they pushed back the maintenance cycle. (Suspiciously, it’s leaking again.) They were even (believe it or not) involved with the Exxon Valdez.

    They’re the company that drives us nuts. With the regulatory agencies accepting settlements where no one admits wrongdoing, there’s no legal history to ratchet up the pressure on the bad company.

    In fact, their investors don’t agree with your statement of “best economic sense”, either. Not only are they suing over the current mess, they sued over some of the previous ones, too. This is a pointed example of how screwed up the investor laws are.

    Really, there is no Free Market in the United States — there’s some serious crony capitalism going on, bordering on hard-core corporatism.

    Science Links for 26 May 2010

    Eric Berman’s got a post about observations that contradict the Big Bang theory: Investigating an enigma at the edge of the universe

    Ars Technica details research that suggests we’ll see Faster-Than-Light communication before we see FTL travel: Quantum teleportation achieved over ten miles of free space

    Germans plan to make ‘synthetic natural’ gas from CO2 — which, off-hand, sounds like a goofy idea for a “green” energy solution. Until you realize that they’re talking about using the natural gas to store excess electricity generated during peak periods of windmill operation.

    Amazingly, this is my first link about BP: Today’s Louisiana hearing: Argument on rig (updated). (Tom Fowler is the Houston Chronicle‘s energy blogger, and he’s been keeping up on the oil spill.) At some point, I’ll get around posting about British Petroleum. Until then, I’ll just insinuate that the problem isn’t oil drilling, it’s the company involved.

    For those of you Borg wannabes: Man Infects Himself with Computer Virus.

    Slate‘s started a series about False Memories. I’m pleased that I didn’t fall for the trick in their test, but not really surprised that so many people did.