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Linkpost 6/15/11

So it ain’t Global Warming we’re facing: it’s a new ice age.

Astronomers Forecast Spotless Sun – A New Little Ice Age to Come?

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Linkpost, 11/5/10

I am a proponent of the Strong Gaia hypothesis. The Gaia hypothesis views the Earth as a single organism that regulates conditions to sustain life on the planet. The Strong Gaia hypothesis accepts this notion, but further hypothesizes that Gaia finally got so pissed off at being whacked by roving asteroids that She evolved big brained primates as an immune system to fend off asteroids using nuclear bombs.

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Linkpost 10/15/2010

Continuing my new tradition of linking a day late, here’s some interesting stuff from yesterday:

  • Do any of you remember the idea that the universe eventually collapses back in on itself? Well, there is some math that indicates that this is still possible: a Big Bounce explains the early inflation of the universe.
  • Also, it looks like reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Europe actually increases emissions planet-wide. It looks like they’ve managed to reduce their internal emissions by 17%, but increased the emissions produced by their consumption (i.e., the real number including imports) by 40%. So they’ve outsourced their pollution, and (surprise!) it’s less efficient.

Labor Day Science Links

While I’m doing the eight-hour brisket barbecue …