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Linkpost, 8/31/12

So what’s the over/under on when I’m added to the Terror Watch List?

FBI adds ‘preppers’ to potential terrorists list

No word yet if they’re asking to track people (like me) who are bulking up their Earthquake (or Fire) Preparedness Kits in California yet. But I’m sure that’s coming soon.

If I disappear over Christmas, you know where to look. (Assuming I’m flying.)

Obama is Jimmy Carter?

Explanation by parable:

Back in the ’50s, a bunch of the Yankee players were eating out together, when old wizened Ty Cobb walked into the restaurant. This sparked a speculation among the New York Nine about what Cobb’s batting average would be against today’s pitchers. Yogi Berra chose “.260, maybe .270.”

“Really?” was incredulous answer. The guy with the lifetime average of .366? Only .260?

“Well, yeah,” Berra replied. “He’s what? 80 years old?”

What does this have to do with Obama?

He’s Carter, but Carter’s 80 years old and senile.

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Amazing …

I had always thought the line about “Bill Ayers wrote Dreams of My Father” was one of those things that conservative partisans said to belittle the President. Well, it turns out that Bill Ayers claims he did:

Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams from my Father

With video, at the link.

After a month …

    I can concentrate on one topic at a time (sort of):

    Post-Christmas Linkpost

    Attack Ads, Circa 1800

    h/t to Ace of Spades.

    Linkpost, 10/19/2010

    • Canada’s lax border.
    • Bacteria ‘R’ Us. Very dense, but worth the effort. It makes the argument that we’re as much colonies of bacteria as anything else.
    • Remember how I couldn’t believe that Martha Coakley was Massachusetts’ Attorney General? Well, the Republicans in that state didn’t nominate anyone to run against her. It turns out that there is a write-in candidate. This is not a full endorsement; just noting that this guy is not Alvin Greene, so should be better than Coakley.