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October, 2010:

Attack Ads, Circa 1800

h/t to Ace of Spades.

Linkpost, 10/19/2010

  • Canada’s lax border.
  • Bacteria ‘R’ Us. Very dense, but worth the effort. It makes the argument that we’re as much colonies of bacteria as anything else.
  • Remember how I couldn’t believe that Martha Coakley was Massachusetts’ Attorney General? Well, the Republicans in that state didn’t nominate anyone to run against her. It turns out that there is a write-in candidate. This is not a full endorsement; just noting that this guy is not Alvin Greene, so should be better than Coakley.

Linkpost, 10/18/2010

OK, so I’m really behind. Hopefully, none of these have lost anything in the intervening week and a half:

  • Beating the incandescent bulb ban. Or, if you’re in San Diego, the 100-yen shop on Mercury has got tungsten bulbs. (Sadly, they’re designed for your work space and not your living room.)
  • The Muslim Brotherhood calls for jihad against the United States. It’s been pretty much ignored the same way al Qaida’s declaration of war years ago.
  • Facebook apps apparently share your information, and your friends’ information, no matter what the privacy settings say. At some point, I’m going to install the SSL plug-in for WordPress, and everybody can just switch over to No Serf.

A Time For Choosing


Or, “My opponent is not a witch …”

h/t to Hot Air.

Triumph of Freedom!

h/t to the Jawas.

Linkpost 10/15/2010

Continuing my new tradition of linking a day late, here’s some interesting stuff from yesterday:

  • Do any of you remember the idea that the universe eventually collapses back in on itself? Well, there is some math that indicates that this is still possible: a Big Bounce explains the early inflation of the universe.
  • Also, it looks like reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Europe actually increases emissions planet-wide. It looks like they’ve managed to reduce their internal emissions by 17%, but increased the emissions produced by their consumption (i.e., the real number including imports) by 40%. So they’ve outsourced their pollution, and (surprise!) it’s less efficient.

Linkpost 10/14/2010

Linkpost 10/13/2010

Yeah, I know I’m posting on the 14th, but I found these all yesterday:

  • Reason’s got an article about how the FDA is managing to stifle the growth of the personal genomics industry.
  • A safe-for-work article over at the NSFW site Vice about how to “beat” SimCity — by creating a police state akin to North Korea.
  • The U.S. has declassified some of its interviews with Tariq Aziz, and his testimony supports the idea that Saddam was in bed with terrorists. It’s not news to those who’ve been paying attention for the last twenty years, but I figured it was worth highlighting.

Linkposts 10/12/2010