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July, 2010:

Journolist, continued

That article that I linked to over at the Daily Caller? It turns out it was the first of a series. Bounce over there and take a look at how bad it really was. For example:

When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack

Journolist Scandal Grows

Just a quick-hit this morning, in case you’ve missed it. (And, given that the so-called Mainstream Media is actually interested in quashing this story because it’s about them, you might not have.)

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Atop Montecito Peak

Mark On Montecito Peak

Mark On Montecito Peak

I like this picture a lot. It may end up replacing my avatar pictures.

The Rahn Curve

Or, “how much government is too much?” A video from the Center of Freedom and Prosperity:

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, who notes that the last time we were anywhere close to the sweet spot on the Rahn curve was 1965.

I live!

Though, with rain this morning, and an earthquake this afternoon, you might be forgiven to think that one of ’em got me. But, no such luck.

Or, as a serious musing:

I occasionally think that one of my goals in life is to be an online pundit, beloved by thousands, but then I go a month without posting anything because Real Life is more exciting. If I thought posting while I was at work was a professional thing to do, I’d be more likely to reach that goal.

At any rate — prepare yourself! I’m about to spend the next few days unloading a number of links, a book review, and maybe a picture of some boats I’ve painted.