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June, 2017:

AU: Finale of Realm Reborn

For those of you who know me, I will occasionally be struck by the urge to re-write things I’ve just seen or read or played. In this case, it’s the final run of cut scenes at the end of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. (As opposed to the following releases, Heavensward and Storm Blood.) While my previous post is a correction of a flaw in the cut scenes, this one is an alternate story. (“AU” in this context means “Alternate Universe.”)

Again, this is a rough draft. I’d intended this to be a more serious exercise, complete with re-edits, but about 80% of the way through, I realized I could file the serial numbers off and use it to seed a story independent of FFXIV.

While this story is not as it happened, it is probably still spoileriffic, so lives behind the cut. This time, Mulan is a bit more specific. For the sake of this story, she is Ninja 53, White Mage 40, Black Mage 31, and Alchemist 51. (more…)