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January, 2015:

Chocolate, 1/18/15

4 stars

pretzel toffee twirl, from chuao chocolatier. It’s just what it says it is: pretzels, toffee, and dark chocolate. What keeps it from being 5 stars is that chuao added whole mini curly pretzels instead of chopping them up, or using smaller straight pretzels. The pretzels make it difficult to share or save for later.

Chocolate, 1/8/15

Normally, I don’t mix “diabetes” posts with “chocolate” posts, as chocolate is usually safe. Today’s review is a mix, as the chocolate in question — more accurately, the dark-chocolate-flavored confection — impacts my blood sugar enough that I don’t really consider it safe.

Creamy Dark, from Milka. A “dark chocolate confection.” It would probably have gotten 3 stars had it been safe, as it’s a simple taste.