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November, 2014:

Chocolate, 11/26/14

5 Stars

Baci, by Perugina. The label reads, “Dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate crème with whole hazelnuts.” ’nuff said.

3 Stars

Espresso Dark Chocolate, from World Market. Pretty straight-ahead bar with just a hint of espresso.

Pure 85% Dark Chocolate, from sweet riot. Sweet riot’s dark chocolate is good, but barely carries a bar by itself.


Gelato is basically high-end ice cream, and usually safe for Cranky Diabetic Boy. Unfortunately, the wave of artisan flavors means that sometimes safe-looking gelato isn’t. Experimentation at my favorite gelato place in Escondido (Escogelato):

  • Chocolate: safe.
  • Espresso: safe.
  • Ybarra Hot Cocoa: not.

Fudge from Bates’ Nut Farm

Some fudge is good for Cranky Diabetic Boy, and some fudge is not. Bates’ Nut Farm has tasty fudge, but they are not necessarily “safe” given the serving size I like. (Yeah, I know. “Serving size I like,” is real scientific.)

  • Maple Walnut: safe.
  • German Chocolate: spikes the blood sugar like crazy.
  • Pumpkin Pie: close to safe, but not really.