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October, 2013:

Wyder’s Pear Cider

At 4% AC, this cider doesn’t pack much punch. In the end, it reminded us both of a similar punchless drink, the wine cooler. Granted, a good wine cooler, but still a wine cooler.

Hard Ciders

Another tag, to track hard ciders.

Cherry Bomb, from Julian Hard Cider, is nicely sweet and well-balanced. Definitely a winner.

Strawman, from Angry Orchard, is nowhere near as good. It might be an adequate cider, had I not already had Cherry Bomb.

Autumnal beers

Pumpkick, from New Belguim, is nothing special. It tastes like a beer, slightly less bitter and less hoppy, but no sign of cranberry, pumpkin, or spices.
Tumbler, from Sierra Nevada is a brown ale. It’s also pretty straight-forward, but Leanne likes dark beers, and likes this one.

Batch 19 Lager

Leanne: workman-like without being cheap. I’d drink it again.
Mark: fire and hospitals. The taste builds in my mouth, even with food. What starts as a straight-ahead beer ends too bitter.