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June, 2011:

Today’s Cover: Crossroads


No Linkpost 6/20/11

Instead, a quote from Robert Heinlein:

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

From Time Enough for Love.

Today’s Cover: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right


No Linkpost 6/16/11

Primarily because the only thing that I found worth linking yesterday was behind the Wall Street Journal’s paywall. Or, more accurately, references to an article behind the Journal’s paywall. Basically, the gist of it is that Iceland is supposedly on the other side of the grinding economic mess that the rest of us are still in, and the correlation drawn is that they didn’t bail out their banks. (Not that they had any choice; they just didn’t have the money.) I would’ve like to have linked the original article, but there you go.

Also, I’ve added a link to “The Agitator” in the blogroll. It’s Rodney Balko’s blog, and it’s based around revealing the abuses of our police state. Do not read if you want to keep believing in the myth of the benevolent state.

Finally, those of you reading through livejournal: at this point, you can turn off the noserf_rss feed, and switch back to my old LJ account (meiczyslaw). I’ve gotten a plug-in that republishes the blog entries in the LJ (and it transforms the “more” WordPress command into an lj-cut). At some point, because I’ve got friends on Dreamwidth, I’ll try to chain No Serf to Dreamwidth to Livejournal. But for now, baby steps.

Today’s Cover: Subdivisions


Linkpost 6/15/11

So it ain’t Global Warming we’re facing: it’s a new ice age.

Astronomers Forecast Spotless Sun – A New Little Ice Age to Come?

Today’s Cover: Jambalaya


Linkpost 6/14/11

The Eyjafjallajökull of the Southern hemisphere? Chile’s Puyehue volcano in stunning photos

Linkpost 6/13/11