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May 18th, 2010:

Mullah Omar has been captured

At least, so says folks with better intelligence connections than I. Blackfive has a summary of why these folks thinks that he’s been captured by the Pakistani Intelligence Service, why we haven’t heard about it from our government and the normal media, along with links to the folks who broke the story.

Economics Links

From John Mauldin at Business Insider, a story of Greek debt, how confidence affects markets, and what this means for America: We Are So Screwed

More specifically for California, Loren Steffy looks at Which governments pose the greatest default risk?

Tim Cavanaugh over at Reason asks a different question: Why Isn’t the Government Hiring Short Sellers? looks at Democratic efforts to nationalize your 401(k): Federal Mutual Fund

It’s not that good an idea. Daniel Foster at NRO says that we have a Pain in the Fannie

Cash for Doctors

From the Weekly Standard comes a story of doctors freeing themselves from the “health insurance” trap. It’s informative for a couple of reasons, not the least of which are hard numbers on the cost of said insurance. For example:

The lab loves being paid on the spot for services rendered and allows Forrest to charge his patients $30, for example, for a prostate-cancer screening test that the company bills to an insurer at $184.